vSphere Web Client – Fix Flash error in Chrome

As you might know, most vSphere Web Client versions run in Flash, witch is a bit annoying. Chrome has an embedded Flash version that works fine most of the times.

Although, some times you may be presented with the warning “To view this page ensure that Adobe Flash Player version 11.5.0 or greater is installed” even using Chrome web browser with an icon below to Get Adobe Flash Player:

Flash error when accessing vSphere Web Client

You can allow Flash to run if you click the “Get Adobe” image, but I have found some situations where even when you click the image, Chrome will not ask you to allow Flash to run.

By default, Google Chrome asks you if you want to enable Flash, but you con configure Chrome to run the plugin automatically. To configure flash settings, open Chrome Settings, and search for “flash” in the search field and click “Content settings…“:

Search for Flash settings

In Content settings, you will find Flash section:

Chrome Flash Settings

From here, you can choose to allow all sites to run Flash, or you can configure exceptions, witch is the way I prefer to do this, because you just configure the URL you need.

Let’s now click “Manage exceptions” and add our domain name – in this case the domain is “vcap6.lab”, and we configure it with a wildcard ([*.]vcap6.lab):

Chrome – add Flash exception

After this configuration, you need to restart Chrome. The next time you access your Web Client, Chrome will automatically run the Flash plugin.